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When It Comes To Chemicals, We Are Your Partner
Novasol is an independent, 100 % privately owned, chemical distribution and marketing company established in 1996. Our home in the heart of Europe, closely connected to its main logistics hubs where we store, fill and repack our goods.
Our core business is to offer our customers products and solutions in an environmentally safe, efficient and competitive way. Novasol brings a selected range of solvents, monomers, plasticizers and synthesis raw materials to the market. We offer to our suppliers a market identity and partnership to serve a growing number of customers in various fields such as coating, pharma, plastics and more.

Global Sourcing & Prompt Availability
Novasol has created unique partnerships with some of the world's largest chemical producers. The company bridges the gap between producers and European consumers, bringing both availability and immediate product support.

Novasol is the world’s preferred supplier of Sulfolane. Please visit

Novasol delegates will visit the following leading events :

Chemspec in Budapest: 18-19 June 2014

EPCA in Vienna: 4-8 October 2014

CPHI in Paris: 7-9 October 2014 visit us at our stand !

APLA conference in Rio de Janeiro: 8-11 November 2014

Chinacoat in Guangzhou : 3-5 December 2014



June 2014:         Caroline Schierer is our newly appointed Logistics officer!

January 2014:    Jan Tenbergen is our newly appointed Junior Sales Manager at Novasol                                      Chemie

            Normann Woelke is our newly appointed Product Manager for Solvents!

            Mark Willis is our newly appointed General Manager for North America!

December 2013: Henk Nanlohy is our newly appointed Logistics officer!

                         Novasol France opens its offices!

November 2013: Edwin Bout is our newly appointed Product Manager!

November 2013: Sandrine Lecomte is our newly appointed Sales Manager for Novasol France!

July 2013: ICIS Chemical Business has published its yearly ranking list of chemical distributors Novasol's position of all distributors worldwide is # 106, in Europe # 59, in North-America # 115 and in Asia # 34.

July 2013: Dun & Bradstreet has (again) accorded a D&B Rating 1 to Novasol : a reliable certificate for the highest creditworthyness and the lowest risk factor for a company !

July 2013: Welcome to Christoph Ehling, our new product manager responsible for acrylates !



Novasol goes Latin !

After Novasol Chemie GmbH, Düsseldorf, Novasol North America Inc. and Novasol Asia Ltd, we continue our global strategy and will soon open a new sales office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.



2013 : Novasol has successfully registered the following products:

Acrylic acid,

Benzene Sulphony Chloride

Methyl cyclohexane

Trimercaptotriazine sodium salt

Adipic acid dihydrazide