About us

Since more than 20 years Novasol Chemicals Group of companies is committed to deliver worldwide added value through the chemical value chain to its suppliers and customers. We believe in a human centric approach in everything what we do. Novasol staff believe strongly that great processes should support great people. In a fast changing world, we want to remain focused on the essential : listen to others, stay open for the unexpected, strive for excellence in what we execute, deliver above average results and… enjoy the journey !

We want to deserve your business and thank you for your trust.

Claude Fickers

General Manager Novasol Group

Our Vision

Chemicals distribution worlwide, just right!
Novasol Chemicals is about doing the right things, just right.

Our Mission

Our mission is to add value

Our attitude is of active curiosity

Our method is through relationships of trust

Our Core Values


Our first and utmost priority
in doing the right things right.


Keep our eyes and ears open.
For new opportunities, new markets,
remarks and suggestions for improvement.


On our customer needs.
On our supplier’s requirements.
On the quality of what we do and how we do.


We want to be demanding
with ourselves, with our service
and product suppliers, with our partners.


For our suppliers, our customers.
For each other. For the environment.


The best plans are worth
nothing without a well-structured
and targeted execution.


Our team members, the human factor
is THE key to our success.
That is our main asset and our pride.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Novasol Chemicals Group is dedicated to serve its markets with passion, integrity and respect for the people and the planet. It is driven by people for people with global reach and with a local impact. Novasol Chemicals commits to upholding the principles of the United Nations ‘Global Compact’

Novasol Chemicals support and promotes the ‘BIKE TO WORK’ initiative and the use of electric company cars. 

Novasol is sponsoring the Belgian Kids’ Fund for Pediatric Research association 
For more info: http://www.belgiankidsfund.be/fr/