About us

Building bridges in a complex world

More and more, and especially due to the actual evolving context, traditional norms are changing. Acceleration of Digitalization and communication are triggering changes in our society and in enterprises. Our world has become even more complex.

With 25 years of expertise in chemicals distribution, Novasol Chemicals Group is building bridges in this complex world and remain focus on providing customers with tailor-made services with a high level of reactivity and flexibility. Our international team has experience in Change Management as adaptability capabilities and is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure your business continuity. Our long term vision is built on continuous grow, expansion in new regions and development of new market segments with innovative products. Always providing new ideas keeps the Novasol Chemical Group alert and preserves its human factor as the key element of our success.

Let’s build bridges together.

François-Xavier Coiffard
Chief Executive Officer
Novasol Chemicals Group

The 4 I’s guiding principle,
the foundation of our company culture


As a 100% privately owned company, we are accountable for what we say and act in a trustful way.
Our global presence with local sales & local logistics contributes to the hight quality and safety of the supply chain and is ensuring fast distribution services


Always looking for a win-win situation, we cultivate long term relationship and build partnership with everyone interacting with us: our customers, our suppliers, our partners & our agents.


We gather unique individuals overcoming all kind of challenges to reach a common goal thanks to a constant development of their technical knowledge, active curiosity & soft skills


Being in motion, we adapt to your evolving needs and we address the growing complexity of markets through our expertise & agility