Diacetone Acrylamide and Adipic Acid Dihydrazide combined is a self-crosslinking chemistry for copolymerizing into an acrylic copolymer using DAAM concentration from 1 – 10 wt% of the monomer mixture depending on application and usage. (ratio of DAAM to ADH is 2.1 to 1)

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    Main Benefits

    • DAAM and ADH are easy and safe to use and are Formaldehyde free
    • Substitution of emulsions systems for solvent borne systems
    • DAAM copolymerizes with other Acrylic Monomers creating well dispersed crosslinking systems
    • Improves ‘in-can’ stability
    • Diacetone Acrylamide appears as white crystals and is highly soluble in water and most organic solvents

    Key applications

    DAAM-based polymers crosslinked with ADH are mainly used in the manufacturing of coatings, laminates, sealers, adhesives and lubricating oils, printing inks, polishes and waxes and paper treatment. May react with different oxidizing and reducing agents.

    ADH can also be used as a stand-alone product in the chain extension of PU polymers.

    Product Description

    Diacetone Acrylamide (DAAM)

    CAS N°2873-97-4

    Formula: C9H15NO2

    Adipic Acid Dihydrazide (ADH)

    CAS N° 1071-93-8

    Formula: C6H14N4O2

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